Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hometown Tour - Abbeville

By Valerie

Hello Everyone,

If you would like to visit a quaint little town, Abbeville, Alabama is the place to go. Abbeville is the county seat of Henry County. Established on December 13, 1819 it is the oldest county and city in the State of Alabama. Actually it was made the county seat one day before Alabama became a state. Being the largest county in Alabama at the time it was also the first county on the eastside of the state.

The above picture looks like an old gas station but it is actually the headquarters of Great Southern Wood. You may know it better as Yellawood. The company cars actually fill up at the pumps. Inside takes you back to another time with it's 1950's decor.

Jimmy Rane, the owner and spokesperson for Yellawood, is no doubt a familiar figure to you. He has helped renovate Abbeville. He loves the early 20th century way of life and that is shown in various places in town. He also hosts a golf tournament every year for the Jimmy Rane Foundation. The single biggest fundraiser brings out the superstars of football and basketball. Proceeds of the golf tournament are used for college scholarships. His foundation has helped a lot of our youth's dreams of going to college come true.

The Seniors of Abbeville enjoy spending time at The Senior Center built in 2004. It hosts activities and social events for the 50+ crowd. It also provides bi-annual medical screenings. Not only can the seniors enjoy the company of others they are also provided with daily meals, games and special events. The center also provides transportation for those who need it. The youth enjoy spending time at the Parks and Recreation. Along with city league sports the recreation center also offers Sundown Theatre for all of the family to enjoy.

Home of the Yellow Jackets Abbeville has three public schools Abbeville High School, Abbeville Middle School and Abbeville Elementary School. Abbeville Christian Academy is a private school and one of the biggest events is their Annual Deer Hunting fundraiser.

So next time you are traveling toward the south eastern side of our great state stop and visit Abbeville. Remember this is an old southern town. If you want to have the benefits of shopping or visiting some of the local business' make sure you don't visit on a Sunday - there won't be anything open! Don't forget to visit their website to find out more about this great town, Welcome to Abbeville, The City of Dogwoods.

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Sounds like a nice place. Love that the company trucks fill up at the old timey pumps.

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