Thursday, May 21, 2009

How YOU Can Contribute To Alabama Bloggers!

So obviously, I do not want to be writing every post for this blog.

Frankly, that would be silly.

The point of this blog is to be a conglomerate of all Alabama Bloggers.

One of the things that I want to accomplish with Alabama Bloggers is to introduce us all to each other. I want us to get to know each other, find like-minded bloggers that we can bond with, and be entertained by each other.

So I want to spend a couple of posts per week allowing you to introduce yourself to the rest of Alabama's Bloggers. What I have in mind right now is doing three types of posts: Profile Posts, Spotlight Posts, and regular contributors.

A profile post is your opportunity to introduce yourself on a deeper level to us. Answer any or all of the following questions, or make up your own!

Who are you?
Where do you live and what are you involved in?
Where are your favorite places in Alabama?
Why do you blog?
How long have you been blogging / how many times a week do you blog?
What do you think your style of blogging is?
Who are your favorite bloggers?
What kind of blogs do you like reading?
What are some links to your best posts?

The best way to get people to read your blog is to be interesting (duh!), so tell us all the interesting, quirky, silly dirt on yourself!!

But don't get craaaaaazy - (i.e. - keep it G-Rated, people!!!)

A spotlight post will have a short (2-3 sentence) introduction of you, and then the rest of the post will be a normal blog post of your choice. It can be previously published on your blog or it can be original - just give us your best!!

If you're interested in being featured, please email me! Feel free to submit either type of the above posts or both! Or you can submit multiple links to posts on your blog as possible spotlight posts.

Also, I definitely need some regular contributors. If you're interested in contributing once a week, every two weeks, once a month, or more or less (I'm really flexible, can you tell??), please email me or comment on this post and let me know.

If you have a specific topic you'd like to do a regular column about, that would be great. Or if you just know that you'd like to write and have different things you'd like to write about, that would be great also. Just let me know your ideas and let's see if we can work something out!

But have mercy on me - I'm juggling a lot, so I might need a little bit of time to get back to your emails.

And, comment on this post what YOU'D like to know about other bloggers. What are some great questions that they could answer?

And especially, what other kinds of guest posts/recurring columns would you be interested in reading?

The bottom line is, I need all of you to contribute to make this blog work!

Thanks in advance!


Ashley said...

Great thoughts, Rachel!

Here are a few things I think would be neat for people to cover in their communities:

- Free / Cheap activities going on in your community?
- Fun Day / Weekend trips?
- Great food 'dives' to visit in the state.

Anonymous said...
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Charita Cadenhead, Blogger, Life Coach, Author, said...

I would be interested in contributing. This is so ironic because I just shared a Who Is Charita Cadenhead post this morning:

My area of interest and knowledge is in real estate so I would very much like to contribute post on that suject.

If you haven't linked up and introduced yourself yet, be sure to go here to do so!